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Sleep Apnea

At Summerhill Dental Excellence, Dr. Roger Lerner provides comfortable, non-invasive solutions to sleep disorders such as disruptive sleep, snoring or obstructive sleep apnea also known as OSA. Using oral appliance therapy, Dr. Lerner is able to help OSA sufferers manage their apnea when they are uncomfortable or non-compliant with CPAP therapy. From initial diagnosis to an effective treatment plan, Dr. Lerner strives to help patients regain a good night’s sleep and feel better throughout the day as well as improve their overall health.

At our office, treatment solutions for sleep apnea are non-invasive and do not require surgery. We take precise impressions and customize an oral appliance made just for you. Most patients find that they are able to adapt to wearing these appliances in a short period of time, and they find them less restrictive and easier to use and store than a CPAP system. Our patients who travel also report that an oral appliance is far more convenient to pack than a CPAP machine, and liberates the user from the need for a power supply and bedside assembly. Oral appliances have proven to be highly effective in the treatment of mild to moderate OSA conditions and since they are well-tolerated, patients tend to continue to use the appliance and receive the benefits of treatment, which include better sleep and improved overall health. We have successfully treated many patients with sleep apnea and are proud to be chosen by many local practitioners as their referring dentist for non-compliant CPAP users.